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mixedup22's Journal

22 July
12 stones, 24 hour diners, 80's music, acdc, afi, aim, alien ant farm, areosmith, authority zero, basement jaxx, beach, beach at night, beastie boys, big bad voodoo daddy, billy idol, blink 182, bowling, buck-o-nine, bush, busta rhymes, catch 22, chilling out with friends, cold days, college, concerts, course of nature, custom, d12, drinking, dvd's, earshot, ebay, eminem, everclear, fatboy slim, fenix tx, fight club, film, fireworks, foo fighters, food, forests, friends, girls, goldfinger, good charlotte, green day, guttermouth, hats, hiking, history, hoobastank, hugs, instant messagers, inxs, jimmy eat world, july, kissing, late night conversations, less than jake, limp bizkit, linkin park, lit, ll cool j, lord of the rings, love, making out, memento, mest, method man, midtown, mix tapes, movies, mp3, music, mxpx, n.e.r.d., neptunes, new experiences, new found glory, next, night, no doubt, offspring, ok go, outkast, parks, party, partys, passports, philly 76ers, philly eagles, philly flyers, photography, pictures, piercing, pizza, polaroids, pressure 4-5, punk, punk music, queen, r&b, rage against the machine, rain, rainy days, rap, redman, reel big fish, rev-7, road trips, rob zombie, rock, sarcasm, shopping, skiing, sleep, smiles, snow, snowboarding, star wars, stars, stroke 9, sublime, sum 41, system of the down, taking back sunday, talking online, tantric, the apex theory, the ataris, the calling, the hippos, the hives, the used, the vandels, thursday, travel, treble charger, trust company, tsunami bomb, tv, unwritten law, van halen, vegas, video games, weezer, whitewater rafting, wyclef jean, you